Saturday, February 14, 2009

today, i watched that eiffel,i'm in love againt.
i felt sad with my life. why i dont have beloved like that...even if,he is misterious but he is romantik, just ego....huh...i was try to b a perfect gurl for somebody that i call bf...but y,he didn't appeciate me???=(
i know i'm not perfect,not enough pretty,stupid,low...may b i'm not that gurl allah cipta 4 him....actually who my love???whoo??????
I WANT TO KNOW>.......pleaseeee

sokk sekk...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the road of my liFe

today,i still miss someone that i even love once upon a time. huh!i hate that can i life like perahu berlubang..hohoho..
BUT,i will go on with my life, hidup ni survive so....terime je la..ape jua dugaan dan badai yang melanda....hidup x selalunya cerah,bibir x selalunya tersenyum, kadang kala tear pon nk jd shabat karib kta la tu...=)